What is e-Filing?

e-Filing is an electronic service enabling filing an application for the registration of industrial property rights via the Internet. Thus, filing an application becomes more accessible to beneficiaries not depending on the location, providing more efficient data exchange between SIPO and the user.

What are the benefits of e-Filing?

e-Filing provides online filing of the following electronic applications:

  • Request for the grant of patent  – P-1 form, with accompanying attachments
  • Request for the entry in the Register of extended European patent – PE form,  with accompanying attachments
  • Application for the registration of the trademark - Ž-1 form,  with accompanying attachments
  • Application for the registration of an industrial design - D-1 form,  with accompanying attachments

Who may be user of an e-Filing service?

The user of this service may be any legal or natural person intending to register industrial property. There are two types of users:

  • Registered users
  • Non-registered users

One can become a registered user by filing a signed registration form and presenting your digital signature card (FINA card) at the SIPO receiving office.

The registered users, besides a single filing of application, have additional possibilities/benefits. For now they are: browsing of own earlier filed applications, monitoring of applications status, following the system development other services will be available.

Non-registered users may use e-Filing service for filing applications, but they do not have possibility to browse earlier filed applications. Only in the case when data of earlier filed applications were stored on the local personal computer as XML file, they may be loaded afterwards.

Basic prerequisites for using an e-Filing service

The prerequisites for using an e-Filing are as follows:

  • Possession of FINA e-card having advanced electronic signature and reader

FINA e-card is used for digital signing of a request, and a digital signature is a prerequisite of electronic filing of application.

Minimal technical requirements for using electronic services are:

  • Personal computer Pentium III, Random Access Memory (RAM) minimum 265 MB, recommended 512 MB or more
  • Internet Access
  • Java 1.6.10 (32 bit), or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7, or newer.