About representation before SIPO

Natural and legal persons not having permanent residence or registered office in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, are obliged to appoint a representative in the area of industrial property rights who represent them in the procedure before the Office, unless provided otherwise in international treaties by which the Republic of Croatia is bound.

Activities of representation before the Office may be performed by natural and legal persons entered in the Register of the Representatives maintained by the Office (the authorised representatives) under the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the Act on Representation in the Area of Industrial Property Rights, and attorneys entered in the Register of Attorneys maintained by the Croatian Bar Association, or law firms entered in the Register of  Law Firms also maintained by the Croatian Bar Association. Representatives are representing the party in the procedure pursuant to the content and scope of a written power of attorney. A power of attorney may refer to one or more applications or registrations, or, if so indicated under the power of attorney, to all present and future applications or registrations. A power of attorney referring to all the applications and registrations of the same grantor is a general power of attorney. A Register of general powers of attorney is maintained by the Office.