Professional Patent Search Services

Searching patent documents can be very time consuming and costly if the number of available documents and their complexity, as well as the availability of search tools, are taken into account. Therefore SIPO experts having necessary knowledge in different technical areas, help in offering patent search services. The advantage of using professional search services lies in the fact that they are done by technical and patent experts using professional patent data sources, and finally selecting and sorting patent documents.

Patent database searches offer a variety of information:

  • Insight in the state of the art,
  • Gathering ideas for creating your own technical solutions,
  • Competition activities monitoring,
  • Finding technical solutions suitable for buying or licensing rights,
  • Identifying free technologies,
  • Examples on how to draft your own patent application,
  • Protection against the infringement of somebody else’s rights.

SIPO provides a search service if the customer files a request. The request should be in written form and sent personally, by postal service, fax or e-mail. Although not compulsory, it is recommended to use a standard form for search services. For any further information on search services, please contact our Information & Services Centre (INCENTIV).
In order to meet our customer demands, we at SIPO permanently continue to develop the existing services as well as offer new ones depending on general interest. Therefore, even if you can’t find the service which would best serve your needs please feel free to contact INCENTIV, and we will help you to order a tailor made service.