19 | 12 | 2019

The Delegation of the People’s Republic of China Visited the State Intellectual Property Office

With a view to exchanging experience in the field of intellectual property law enforcement, the State Intellectual Property Office was visited on 16 December 2019 by a multi-member delegation of the People's Republic of China led by Ms. Lu Zhengmin, Director General of the Office of the National Leading Group on the Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting.

During the official visit, Director General of the State Intellectual Property Office, Ms. Ljiljana Kuterovac, presented to the Chinese delegation the structure and operation of the IPR enforcement mechanism that has been in operation in the Republic of Croatia since 2010. Special attention is given to the system of law enforcement consisting of competent administrative and judicial authorities, the structure of established coordination bodies and working groups for professional support to individual activities, cooperation with representatives of right holders, the most important initiatives and joint coordination activities aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of respect for intellectual property rights, consumer protection and a general strengthening of the law enforcement system.

Ms Lu Zhengmin outlined the main features of the structure and operation of China's national coordination in the area of the enforcement of intellectual property rights, made up of representatives of 27 relevant Chinese institutions. The main tasks of this coordination are the organization and management of activities aimed at combating IPR infringement, conducting analysis of the situation and proposing appropriate policies and measures, strengthening international cooperation in this area and implementing other related activities.

Both sides have highlighted the fight against infringements of rights committed online to be the most important challenges today in the field of the enforcement of intellectual property rights, which requires additional training and capacity building of authorities responsible for the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Particular attention should be paid to preventing illegal e-commerce or internet sale of products that infringe intellectual property rights (counterfeit products).

In conclusion, both sides expressed satisfaction with the exchange of professional experience and results of the work of national coordination established in the field of the enforcement of intellectual property rights and readiness to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in this field.


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