Professional Trademark Search Services

The SIPO offers professional trademark search services. SIPO's databases contain available information on trademarks in force in the Republic of Croatia, which were filed and registered by national route in Croatia, or by international route under the so called Madrid Agreement and Protocol.
Depending on whether you are just applying for a trademark or you have already registered it, SIPO provides a variety of professional trademark search services. Trademark search is carried out by the SIPO’s experts, who on the basis of their knowledge and experience select all relevant trademarks (and their associated data) and whose search results are invaluable for further strategic business planning.

 Why to search trademarks?

  • To minimize the risk of claims for damages for the reasons of infringing somebody else’s rights and to prevent eventual judicial proceedings
  • As the basis for risk assessment of the future investments in marketing of new products and services and identification of trends
  • to check the credibility of advertising, brochures and flyers for new products or services
  • getting to know competition and their products
  • to gain a better insight in the company portfolio prior to make arrangements and conduct business transactions
  • free import of a particular trademark in Croatia
  • as a source of inspiration for creating one’s own trademarks for new products and services
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