Search Services of Industrial Property Databases

Searches of industrial property databases are recommended to all who want check whether the results of their intellectual creativity are similar to or identical with the already published patents, trademarks or industrial designs, in order to be able to assess more easily the possibility of acquiring their own protection or to be able to avoid the infringement of somebody else’s industrial property right, or to learn about all that a certain applicant has applied for or has been granted protection for.

The Office provides professional services of searching data bases of industrial property registered at the Office and available commercial and non-commercial international industrial property data bases. The professional search services of patents, trademarks, international trademarks (with the extension to the Republic of Croatia), and industrial designs are provided by the experienced experts of the Office, whereas the searching procedure includes the use of professional searching tools and all commercial and non-commercial data bases available to the Office. Various types of searches are available and depend on the type of industrial property. Search services shall be paid according to the applicable list of charges.
This search also includes data on the earlier filed requests for protection which have not yet fulfilled conditions for the publication thereof in the official gazette, to the extent allowed by the law for a particular type of industrial property.
The results of the searching service do not have any legal effects to the administrative granting or registration procedure. They only represent information intended for applicants.

Experts in the field of intellectual property and users experienced in searching and interpreting information on the registered industrial property are having at their disposal free of charge on-line search of non-commercial industrial property data bases, which may be carried out individually from their offices or homes or at the INCENTIV premises.

This search does not include data on the earlier filed requests for protection which have not yet fulfilled the conditions for the publication thereof in the official gazettes.

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