Professional Information on the Protection of Intellectual Property

Professional information on the protection of intellectual property is provided free of charge by the experts of INCENTIV.

Professional information is limited to the basic information on all the forms of intellectual property, the protection procedures in the Republic of Croatia, and the international protection. The instructions and recommendations provided by INCENTIV are based on the existing national and international regulations and shall not be applied to the specific administrative procedure cases.

Direct oral consultations are provided at the INCENTIV premises, and by phone, whereas written inquiries may be sent to INCENTIV by post, by fax or by e-mail.

The services provided by INCENTIV are exclusively professional information services. For professional assistance and legal services comprising representation in the industrial property registration procedure, as well as the legal aid in cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, please contact authorized representatives in the field of industrial property (trademark representatives and patent representatives), registered with the Office, or attorneys at law.



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