Open Data

All data sets published by the State Intellectual Property Office as open data contain an open licence OTVORENA DOZVOLA / OPEN LICENCE - THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA

Open licence enables information and metadata to be reused for commercial and non-commercial purpose, especially:

  • reproduction, distribution and making them available to third parties
  • adapting and linking them to your own data and the data of third parties for the purpose of creating new data sets
  • exploitation by integrating them into internal and external business processes, products and applications in public and non-public electronic networks.

In other words, users are free to use the data for whatever purpose they want, give it to third parties, link it to other data or use it as a basis for business processes, products and applications.

The only obligation of the user is to indicate the source (e.g. public authority or a specific statement of source as stated by the public authority that produced the information) and the date of download or last change when using information containing an open license. If the data do not contain a statement on the source and the date of the last change, the user is obliged to indicate that the data is used with open permission, highlight the link to the open license and the link to the published information, if published.

What the user is not allowed to do is to use the data (e.g. to create a product or application based on open data) in a way that would indicate that the product or application was created by a public authority itself.

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 1.1.2020. - 31.12.2020.
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 30.4.1994. - 31.12.2018.
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