International cooperation

The Academy is engaged in close cooperation with the international and regional intellectual property organisations, primarily with the World intellectual property organisation (WIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO) and the intellectual property academies of these organisations.

The cooperation with the World intellectual property organisation has resulted in the joint organisation of Summer school on intellectual property, the adaptation of the WIPO General distance learning course on intellectual property for the Croatian speaking region (DL 101HR) and the organisation of several international symposia dedicated to various aspects of intellectual property.

Within the cooperation of the Academy with the European Patent Office within the IP4INNO project (Intellectual property for innovations), a group of educational modules for small and medium sized enterprises has been developed in the Croatian language according to the original modules of the IP4INNO program. The Academy has also been engaged in cooperation with the European Patent Academy (the Academy of the European Patent Office) on joint organisation of seminars, workshops and professional symposia in Croatia in various intellectual property fields .

The Academy also participates  in the international initiative of the Global Network on Intellectual Property (IP) Academies.

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