11 | 02 | 2019

Launch of an Anti-counterfeiting BLOCKATHON Forum

We are pleased to inform you that the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) launched an Anti-counterfeiting BLOCKATHON Forum.

The Anti-counterfeiting BLOCKATHON Forum is the follow up to the successful EU Blockathon organised as part of the European Union strategy to build the blockchain ecosystem. The establishment of this Forum represents a continuation of activities initiated for the purpose of strengthening security of supply chains and combating counterfeits by implementing blockchain technology; the Forum was activated by a competition held in 2018, jointly organised by the EUIPO and the European Commission, which was communicated to the public via this web site, as well as its follow-up workshops recognising the need for a better collaboration between all the relevant stakeholders.

BLOCKATHON Forum is intended to bring together people and organisations to shape and deliver the future anti-counterfeiting infrastructure based on blockchain technology. The aim of the Forum is to provide for a structured collaboration between private organisations, enforcement authorities and citizens to support the identification of authentic and counterfeit goods throughout the distribution chain, from a manufacturer to the end customer. The Forum itself will focus on drafting, defining, implementing the pilot and introducing the new level of infrastructure to be used in combat against counterfeiting, based on blockchain.

More information on the BLOCKATHON Forum can be found on www.blockathon.eu and used to apply to be part of it through the online form.


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