05 | 03 | 2021

Notification on Availability of Digital Public e-Registers of Industrial Property

Illustration : e-Registers

Illustration: Pixabay.com/Kreatikar

We would like to inform users that, in accordance with the development of the open data policy, the Office has improved the existing information services with data on applications and granted industrial property rights relating to the Republic of Croatia and they are now available on the Office's website as digital e-Registers of industrial property.

e-Registers of industrial property enable access to data from public registers of industrial property relating to the Republic of Croatia – from national registers administered by the Office, as well as from internal registers administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization relating to international industrial property registrations taking effect in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Data on trademarks and industrial designs registered by a unique right for the entire territory of the European Union (including the Republic of Croatia) administered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) are not contained in these registers; they are available separately via appropriate registers of the EUIPO.

In relation to the former information service for search of the Office’s databases, e-Registers of industrial property, referring to registers of individual industrial property rights, enable insight into an extended scope of publicly available data on an individual application and/or industrial property right; in addition to the previously accessible basic bibliographic data, availability is thus extended to other public data relating to a legal status and entry of changes on an individual industrial property right, in accordance with the prescribed data kept in registers of industrial property in the Republic of Croatia.
e-Registers of industrial property now enable a simple insight into crucial procedural and legal information important to users of the intellectual property system in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and the Office will keep developing e-Registers in line with the open data policy.


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