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World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, 6 June 2018

In occasion of the World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is releasing its Synthesis Report on IPR Infringement 2018

Over the past five years, the EUIPO has monitored the economic cost of counterfeiting in sectors that are known to be vulnerable to infringements of intellectual property rights. In a new survey conducted by the EUIPO, every year, due to forgery in 13 economic sectors, the EU lost 60 billion euros, accounting for 7.5% of its sales revenue as a result of the presence of counterfeit products* on the market. The accumulated losses amount to EUR 116 per citizen of the EU per year. Since lawful producers produce less than they would produce if there were no counterfeiting and even employ fewer workers, 434,000 jobs are lost directly in these sectors.

The report estimates that 12.6% of direct sales are lost annually in Croatia in 13 sectors concerned due to counterfeiting. This amounts to about EUR 398 million (HRK 3 billion) per year, or EUR 94 (HRK 716) per capita of Croatia. Thirteen sectors in which research is conducted are: cosmetics and personal care; clothing, footwear and fashion accessories; sports goods; toys and games; jewellery and watches; handbags and luggage; recorded music; spirits and wine; medicines; pesticides; smartphones, batteries, and tires.

*A counterfeit product is considered to be any product, including its packaging, marked with an equal or not substantially different trademark without authorization of a trademark holder thus infringing the holder’s rights to this trademark.

 Executive summary synthesis report on IPR infringement 2018  Infografic_CROATIA  

About World Anti-Counterfeiting Day

The World Anti-Counterfeiting Day has been marked since 1998 in June each year on the initiative of Global Anti-Counterfeiting Network (GACG) with the aim to raise public awareness on damage resulting from counterfeiting.

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