Trademark data search for the group of Central European countries participating in the CETMOS service

In cooperation with other intellectual property offices of the Central European Region INCENTIV has been providing a joint Central European trademark search service CETMOS (Central European Trade Mark Observation Service).
The CETMOS service shall check the existing and earlier rights on trademarks respectively, by similarity search in national and international trademark registers of nine (9) countries of Central Europe: Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, and in the register of Community trademarks in force on the territory of the European Union.
The search is carried out by industrial property offices of the countries concerned, using the data of their own trademark registers, so that the results are always available from the updated databases. The search service is provided under strict management quality rules, involving experts having gained considerable experience in the trademark registration procedures. It only takes to file a single request for the CETMOS Trademark Search Service, which is carried out in all the mentioned countries. The request must be submitted using online filing only at the Internet address:, and the search report shall be delivered to the customer electronically, too. Thus the service delivery time is competitive, within 6 week at the maximum, but it may be shorter in practice.
The search report contains earlier trademarks, identical with or similar to a trademark indicated in the search request, with search results in separate tables for each country, including the general data of the trademark holder. The service is provided in the English language only, but detailed service information may be obtained in other nine (9) languages directly from the respective offices in the official language of the country concerned.

The payment is due upon the receipt of the invoice. Delivery of the search results is carried out only after the relevant assets have credited the above indicated account. Please note: Any extra transfer costs must be paid by the beneficiary.
For more information on the CETMOS service in the Croatian language, you are welcome to visit INCENTIV or dial  +385 (0)1 61 09 825.

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