Database Search

You certainly don’t want to spend time and money protecting an invention that is already being produced somewhere, is not new, or cannot be protected by a patent.
A search of patent databases, as well as insight into the professional literature, publications and catalogues of manufacturers will give you some information about the possible existence of technical solutions similar to your invention.

Patent information funds can be an extremely valuable source of business information.
Their using can help you:

  • avoid unnecessary finding of already existing solutions;
  • learn about technology which is protected, and which is free to use;
  • follow development activities of the competition;
  • follow trends in technology development;
  • avoid inadvertent infringement of a protected patent.

The available patent information fund includes more than 100 million patent documents published worldwide. Patent documents contain a description of the invention, drawings, patent claims, and information about the inventor and the patent applicant, and are most often available in English. When searching, it is possible to use commercial and free information services with databases, and it is desirable to have a good knowledge of the patent system and some experience in searching. The Office provides a patent search service to interested users with an appropriate reimbursement of costs.


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