Be Creative, Be Innovative, BUDI DIV

Intellectual property incorporates results of creative and innovative work and drives modern social and economic development. It is the fuel of the 21st century and it is therefore extremely important to educate children and young people about its potential and possibilities, so that they will be ready for the economic opportunities and markets of the 21st century in the future.

With this goal, the State Intellectual Property Office organises and conducts the project under the motto called Be Creative, Be Innovative, BUDI DIV, intended for children and youth of all ages – The Intellectual Property Day for Children and Youth. The Intellectual Property Day project for children and youth started in 2017.

The project is aimed at children and youth aged 6 to 18 and it envisages activities and educational workshops designed according to specific age groups: children from 1st to 4th grade of primary schools, children from 5th to 8th grade of primary school and youth in all grades of high schools.

The project aims to reach a larger number of children and youth at the level of the entire Republic of Croatia, and it is organised as an interactive education within the event called "Intellectual Property Day for Children and Youth", during which programmes and activities are available for all ages, in one place in a particular city.

The aim of this event for children and youth is to educate them about the importance of creativity, innovation and intellectual property potential through games and content intended for their age (animated films, video clips, documentaries, conversations with young creatives and innovators) and encourage them to creation.

The event includes educational and entertaining programme in the form of a central event, followed by a conversation with children and youth and the participation of schoolchildren in workshops at learning stations.

In order to gather as many children and young people from interested schools/classes as possible, the event is held in a space that allows the implementation of appropriate programmes and activities.

Unfortunately, the potential of intellectual property in Croatia has not yet been sufficiently exploited. We want to wake up that dormant giant in Croatia and encourage children and young people on the path to a better future. The path to faster economic recovery is also in creating a better environment for investing in creativity and innovation.

The Intellectual Property Day project for children and youth is conducted in cooperation with the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia (SIPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


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