Professional Industrial Design Search Services

Prior to filling an industrial design application for registration in the Republic of Croatia, it is useful to check documents concerning a possibly existing similar or identical industrial design, which is already applied for or registered, but also other information search services on industrial design can be useful.

Depending on whether you are just filing your industrial design application or you have already had your industrial design registered, the Office provides different professional search services. The search is carried out by the experts of the Office who based on their knowledge and experience select all relevant industrial designs (and their associated data) and whose searching results have priceless value for further strategic business planning.

Why to search and how to benefit from information on industrial designs?

  • As preliminary search prior to applying for the registration of your own industrial design,
  • As the basis for assessing the possibility of free introduction of a product with a new industrial design on the Croatian market,
  • As the basis for assessing the risk of the future investments in marketing,
  • To check the authenticity of advertisements, brochures and leaflets for new products or services
  • To find out the competitors' products for which the registration of an industrial design is applied for, and whether they are of a particular relevance
  • To prevent possible legal disputes, for infringement of somebody else’s rights and claims for damages

SIPO provides a search service if the customer files a request. The request should be in written form and sent personally, by postal service, fax or e-mail. Although not compulsory, it is recommended to use a standard form for search services. For any further information on search services, please contact our Information & Services Centre (INCENTIV).
In order to meet our customer demands, we at SIPO permanently continue to develop the existing services as well as offer new ones depending on general interest. Therefore, even if you can’t find the service which would best serve your needs please feel free to contact INCENTIV, and we will help you to order a tailor made service.

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