Fees for  granting  and maintenance of industrial property rights in effect, and special fees for providing information services in Croatia are subject to the payment of administrative fees in accordance with the Act on the Administrative Fees in the field of intellectual property rights.

During the  procedures for granting and maintenance of industrial property rights in effect, in accordance with the legislation in the field of industrial property, during the registrations in the Register of Representatives in the field of industrial property rights, and the issuing of authorisations for the collective management of copyright and related rights under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, either in a case of submitting a file with the Office or by invitation of the Office, it is required to pay  administrative fees and special charges as well as charges for information services  (directly to the state budget), prescribed by the Ordinance on special charges and charges for information services.

Numerous benefits are provided for by the mentioned  legislation, significantly reducing overall administrative fees relating to the procedure for industrial property protection.

Comparative overview of costs and fees in HRK and EUR

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