National legislation

The Republic of Croatia has a long tradition of the regulated legal and legislative intellectual property protection, the commencement of which date from the second half of the 19th century. A high quality of the relevant legislation and its compliance with the highest international standards has been continually maintained.

Since its establishment and as a part of global economy the Republic of Croatia has opted for the efficient and comprehensive legal protection of intellectual creations in compliance with international standards applied by the most developed countries.

Moreover, the harmonisation of the legal framework in the field of intellectual property law with the acquis communautaire was completed in the Republic of Croatia at short notice, continuing to enhance the implementation and establishment of the European implementing standards with the purpose to establish standards of the most developed EU Member States in applying intellectual property as development resources.

The competent authority for all the tasks concerning monitoring, analysing and providing recommendations for the implementation of new regulations and legal institutes in the Republic of Croatia is the State Intellectual Property Office.

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