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Pursuant to the Act on the Right to Access Information("Official Gazette", No.25/13 and 85/15) public authorities in Croatia publish registers and databases or information on registers and databases from their area of responsibility and the manner of access.

The Regulations on the type and content of licenses providing for the requirements of reuse of information ("Official Gazette", No. 67/17) define that the information on reuse by public authorities are accessible to users without limitation and for free use with an open license. Open license enables users to use the information freely, for commercial and non-commercial purpose including reproduction, distribution, making it available to third parties and amendments, adjustment and the like, with mandatory indicating the source of information and the date of downloading or last amendment, or without indicating this information (source and date) with indicating that the information is used upon an open license and highlighting the link to an open license and the link to the published information, if any.

The user is not permitted to use the information (e.g. to make a product or an application based on open information) in the manner that would indicate the product or the application having been made by a public authority itself.

The State Intellectual Property Office administers data groups as in the list below:  


List of Data Sets with Metadata ("asset" list)

  • International Trademark Registrations (HR)
    - International trademark registrations (according to the so-called Madrid system) indicating the Republic of Croatia as the state in which their protection is requested or granted or originate from its territory
  • International Industrial Design Registrations (HR)
    - International industrial design registrations (according to the so-called Hague system) indicating the Republic of Croatia as the state in which their protection is requested or granted.

Within cooperation with the EPO and the WIPO on international patent data exchange, we publish :

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1.1.2022. - 31.12.2022.
30.4.1994. - 31.12.2021.
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