How to pay patent renewal fees

Renewal fees are to be paid annually for the third and every subsequent year, counting from the filing date of an application. If the annual fee is paid later than the due date in additional 6 months period, the prescribed amounts shall be doubled.

In order to meet a statutory deadline in relation to the payment of annual fee, it is strongly recommended to perform all payments at least 10 working days before the due date in order to allow sufficient time for its processing. Should you follow these instructions, your payments will be usually recorded no later than 4-5 working days from the day of payment and visible at the online register at its first next update.

  1. All payments must be in Euro and can be made by bank transfer or via Internet banking.
  2. The payer must give the following payment-reference information otherwise Office will not be able to track the payment:
    a. the complete *Croatian patent number (strongly recommended) or if it has not
        yet been assigned# the complete European patent number
    b. details of what the payment is for (e.g. 5th renewal fee)
        Please insert a) and b) information within free text field.
    c. payment information: MODEL: HR63 and PNB: 5657-6179-140007

        * Warning:  Croatia has its own patent number assignment system! Thus, all
          validated European patents are given a number that is different from the
          EP number.

        # If Croatian patent number has been already assigned, you can use Office
          web-application for generating last set of digits of
          the PNB reference in which case you can be sure that the renewal payment will
          be associated with the right patent case.
  3. It is of crucial importance to submit to the Office the proof of payment which must be emailed at the specifying following information:
     i.   the complete *Croatian patent number, or if it has not yet been assigned,
          the complete European patent number
     ii.  patent holder name
     iii. details of what the payment is for (e.g. 5th renewal fee)
     iv. contact details of payer

  4. The additional exchange and/or bank fees shall be carried by the payer separately, not to reduce the amount of the respective annual fee. In other words: To ensure full receipt of the amount, fee payments must be made without charge to the payee.
  5. THE PAYMENT DATE IS THE DATE ON WHICH THE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED at the account of the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia. The order date of the payment is irrelevant.
  6. NOTE: The Office cannot accept any responsibility for payments made into this account that cannot be identified due to lack of information!
  7. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not our practice to send confirmations of receipt of payments in any proceedings conducted before the Office.
  8. The renewal payment registration status can be easily checked online at the:
    Please note that the Croatian National Register database is updated twice a month, which corresponds to the publication date of the Croatian Intellectual Property Gazette.


Bank name and address: Croatian National Bank 
Trg hrvatskih velikana 3
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Account holder name and address: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, 
Katanciceva 5, 
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Account name: State Budget of the Republic of Croatia
Account number / IBAN: HR12 1001 0051 863 000 160
Remarks / descriptions / payment information field: MODEL:HR63 PNB:5657-6179-XXXXXX
Free text field  

                          XXXXXX  is      a) 140007, or
                                                   b) number generated using the assigned Croatian
                                                       patent number and Office web-application



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