Extension of Time Limits in the Procedure

Some actions in the application procedure (e.g. delivery of data or attachments, reply to the rejection notification, etc.) must be performed within the prescribed time limit, or the application procedure will be completed.

For some actions in the procedure, in case you cannot perform them within the prescribed time limit, the Act provides for the possibility of extending the time limit. For this, it is necessary to submit a request for extension of the time limit before the expiration of the given time limit, and to pay the procedural costs. The possibility that such a request may be accepted or rejected by the Office should be taken into account.

If you failed to take a certain action before the Office, which caused the loss of rights from the application or already granted patent or registered utility model, there is a possibility of using the institute of restitutio in integrum, or reinstatement of rights (Article 28 of the Act) or continued processing (Article 29 of the Act), depending on the time limits and reasons that caused the failure.


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