What can't be protected by copyright?

Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, copyright does not protect:

•     ideas, scientific discoveries, processes, methods of operation and mathematical concepts;

•    ideas and principles which any element of a computer programme is based on, including the ones which its interface is based on;

•    news of the day and other news having the character of mere items of press information;

•    official texts in the domain of legislation, administration and judiciary, such as acts, regulations, decisions, reports, protocols, judicial decisions and the like, official programmes, such as school and academic programmes, programmes of operation and the like, space plans, such as the plan of spatial development, town-planning scheme and the like, conservation documents, as well as their collections, from the moment they are submitted to any official procedure or submitted to an official person for the purpose of informing the public or public use or when published for official information to the public. 

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