Remakes and copyright collection of works

Translations, adaptations and musical reworks are basic remakes of works.

Translations and other remakes of copyright works that are original intellectual creations of individual character are protected as independent copyright works.

Translations of official texts in the domain of legislation, administration and judiciary, that are original intellectual creations of individual character, may also be protected as independent copyright works, unless made for the purpose of officially informing the public and disclosed as such (for example, translation of the text of an international agreement published in the official gazette “Official Journal – International Agreements” shall not enjoy protection).

A collection of independent copyright works, data or other materials making an original intellectual creation of individual character (copyright collection) according to the selection or arrangement of its integral elements, such as encyclopaedia, almanac, anthology of databases and the like, shall be protected as a separate copyright work. Protection enjoyed by a copyright collection shall not be extended to its content and shall not affect the rights in copyright works and subject matters of related rights incorporated in that collection.

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