Examination Process and Patent Granting

Upon filing a request for substantive examination, the Office carries out a corresponding procedure of examination of the substance of a patent application. During the examination, the applicant has the opportunity to obtain a favourable result of the procedure by possible amendments to the patent claims or by submitting additional arguments. If it has been established in a corresponding procedure that the patent application complies with the prescribed requirements, the Office communicates to the applicant, for his approval, a text of the application on the basis of which it intends to grant a patent. Upon receipt of the approval and payment of the prescribed charges, the Office issues a decision on the grant of a patent and the patent is entered in the Register of Patents and published in the official gazette of the Office. A corresponding Patent Certificate and Patent Specification shall be issued on request.

If these requirements are not met, the Office shall issue a decision rejecting the application for the grant of a patent.  


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