For the acquisition and maintenance of a patent or utility model in Croatia in value, procedural costs of administrative procedures are paid in accordance with Act on the Fees in the Field of Intellectual property and the Regulations on Fees for Proceedings in the Field of Intellectual property and Professional Services of State Intellectual Property Office

During the patent granting procedure, i.e. registration of a utility model or issuing of the supplementary protection certificate (SPC), it is necessary to pay the prescribed costs, either upon submission of the application to the Office or on the basis of an invitation from the Office. 

These regulations provide for numerous benefits, which significantly reduce the overall costs associated with the process of protecting the invention in the Republic of Croatia. 

Thus, certain categories of (taxable) taxpayers, are entitled to pay reduced fees (they pay 25% of the prescribed amounts), while applicants who are also inventors pay individual fees or costs in amounts reduced by 50%. 

In addition, a special relief is provided for submitting the application electronically, using the e-Application service, or for submitting the application digitally, when the costs are reduced by 50%.

General Information 

Instruction for the exercise of the right to a reduced fee

Leaflet "EXAMPLE OF FILLING IN PAYMENT SLIPS" for granting procedures

Leaflet "EXAMPLE OF FILLING IN PAYMENT SLIPS" for information services and publications

Application for generation of a REFERENCE NUMBER


Leaflet PATENTS – the list of basic charges

Leaflet UTILITY MODEL – the list of basic charges

Leaflet SUPPLEMENTARY PROTECTION CERTIFICATE (SPC) – the list of basic charges

An overview of fees




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