Searching by bibliographic data

This search service comprises searching according to certain criteria, for example, according to an industrial design applicant or right-holder, according to a class and/or subclass and according to the name of a product, both in accordance with the Locarno Classification.

Benefits for the client:

  • Presentation of all industrial designs according to given criteria,
  • Monitoring of competitors,
  • Avoiding conflicts with owners of prior rights,
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs,
  • Identification of potential competitors/partners,
  • Possible inspiration for derivation of a new industrial design creation.

Basic characteristic of the service:

  • Searching according to the given criteria,
  • Average delivery time for the search report is up to 15 days,
  • Optional urgent searching within 3 working days,
  • Basic price: 250 kn / 33,18 EUR1

1 Fixed conversion rate 7,53450

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