Excerpt from the register

If you are interested in a particular industrial design applied for or registered, and all the data relating to it, you can request from the Office an excerpt from the register. What is important to emphasize, is that apart from the basic data relating to an industrial design (application date, registration date, validation date, applicant’s name…), the excerpt from the register also contains information about all the relevant changes which occurred during the existence of the industrial design (starting from the application date up to now) for example assignment of rights, licenses, sales, deposit.
When you find out all about the design which is important for you, you can prepare the basis for the furure business actions.

Advantages for the client:

  • Presentation of all relevant data of a particular industrial design
  • Possible business decision-making (purchasing, selling, licensing…)
  • Avoiding legal disputes and unnecessary costs.

Basic characteristic of the service:

  • Searching according to a particular industrial design,
  • Average delivery time for the search report is up to 15 days,
  • Basic price: charging costs 100 kn /13,27 EUR1

For all the above mentioned services the Office is searching a database which comprises industrial designs applied for, registered and valid on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and which are applied for and registered on the basis of a national industrial design application in Croatia or by international procedure according to the so called Hague Agreement.
For information about an industrial design registered abroad, it is recommended to contact competent national Offices.

1 Fixed conversion rate 7,53450

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