Freedom to operate search (FTO)

When a company wants to enter a new market segment it is useful to conduct at least one search of this type. The customer needs to define a technical area precisely, and the search is limited to patents in force (existing rights) and patent applications only, leaving out all lapsed and expired documents. This provides a detailed “picture” of an area, giving the customer the basis for a R&D investment decision.
Documents retrieved are sorted into two categories: “patents” and „patent applications“.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Gives an overview of applications (pending) and granted rights.
  • Identifies areas where there is “some space for R&D or improvements”,
  • Identifies commercial activities possibilities and risks in a given technical area.

Basic service features:

  • The search is performed in a defined technical area,
  • Average report delivery time: 30 days,
  • Fee: according to actual costs.
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