Technology watch

This type of service represents a series of patent searches in regular time intervals usually restricted to one technical area. The search is done by repeating identical query in defined time periods which results in larger number of documents retrieved, compared to previous searches. Such information could be used for technology life-cycle (TLC) assessment. The scope of the search and thus the scope of the service depend on the customers’ request.
Reports are sent periodically and contain only newly found documents which have not been sent in previous reports.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Technology development overview over a defined time period,
  • Up-to-date information on new technical achievements in a given technical area,
  • Easier R&D investments decision-making.

Basic service features:

  • The searches are performed within a defined technical field,
  • The searches are performed periodically,
  • Reports are delivered periodically,
  • Average report delivery time: 30 days,
  • Fee: according to actual costs.
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