State of the art search

This type of search represents the first level in gathering patent data for various purposes. Inventors usually use this service when they have a technical solution (invention) or at least a well defined idea. Documents retrieved give an overview of all (especially the latest) technical achievements in a given technical area.

“Landscaping” is a special kind of the state of the art search. It is broader in scope and gives a wider view of a given technical area. This type of search is especially useful for pharmaceutical companies in making investment decisions for new products development.
Documents are sorted according to technical features, with possible table representations if several technical features are in question.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Gives an overview of technical solutions in a given technical area,
  • Possible source of information for technical developments,
  • Possible source of information for R&D projects,
  • Possible source of information for solving specific problems,
  • Identifies potential competition/partners,
  • Commonly used as an information source in an “idea development phase”.

Basic service features:

  • The search is performed using one or more technical criteria provided,
  • Up to 20 documents included in the basic fee,
  • Citing extra documents beyond the 20th is charged additionally,
  • Possible urgent search service within 7 working days (optional),
  • Average report delivery time: 30 days,
  • Basic fee: 600 kn / 79,63 EUR1.

1 Fixed conversion rate 7,53450

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