Search by the trademark owner

A search type that shows who are the owners of the applied for or registered trademarks on the Croatian territory.
This search is an ideal tool for monitoring the competition. Companies often want to know who else is present in certain market segments. In the search for a potential competitor it is often resorted to a market analysis. Taking into account the above mentioned, SIPO offers its users a trademark search by owner which helps to complete the review of competition present in the market.
It is interesting to point out that during the company analysis the users tend to find potential business partners who are willing to cooperate.

Benefits for the user:

  • list of certain activities of the specified owner,
  • possibility to monitor competition,
  • possibility to make decisions about potential cooperation with others,
  • gaining better insight in the companies portfolio prior to business transactions,
  • serves as the basis for the analysis of the trademark owner prior to negotiations on purchase of a license

Basic characteristics of the service:

  • search according to the specific trademark owner,
  • average search report delivery time is within 15 days,
  • delivery time for an urgent search report is within 3 working days
  • basic price: 400 kn / 53,09 EUR1

1 Fixed conversion rate 7,53450

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