Searching based on special criteria

Although SIPO offers a full range of special types of searches, there is always the need for special services. Aware of the fact that the users may have specific criteria that can not be classified under any of the existing services, the SIPO offers the possibility to search by a specially defined query. Trademarks contain a series of the so-called bibliographic data by which they can be searched.
These data refer to applicants and/or owners of the trademarks, relevant dates (application date, registration date, expiry date of the trademark, etc.), the register number and status of a trademark, representatives, transfers of the trademark rights (license, sale) etc.
Searching by these criteria provides the possibility to obtain a range of information and to make conclusions useful for business purposes. For example, in this way you can find the relevant companies in a particular business field, which will help you to create a list of potential competitors or future business partners.
Also, it is useful to analyze the provided information in a certain time period in order to gain a better insight into market trends, i.e. the activity of competition.

Benefits for the user:

  • defining your own criteria,
  • possibility to analyze data based on the search results,
  • possibility to track market trends,
  • possibility to make business decisions.

Basic characteristics of the service:

  • search according to the specific criteria,
  • average search report delivery time is within 15 days,
  • basic price: to be charged on the actual costs basis.
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