Excerpt from the register

It contains all-round information for those who want to know all data about a certain trademark. So if you're interested in a particular trademark and related information, you can request an excerpt from the register. What is important about this excerpt is that in addition to the basic data related to a trademark (application and registration dates, expiration date, a list of products and services, owner of the trademark ...), it also contains information about all the relevant changes that have occurred during the existence of the trademark (starting from the application date until today) such as transfer of the IP rights, license, sale, pledge.
Once you have learned all about the trademark that is important for you, you can prepare the basis for the future business ventures.

Benefits for the user:

  • list of all relevant information on the specific trademark
  • possibility of making business decisions (buying, selling, licensing…),
  • avoiding legal disputes,
  • avoiding unnecessary costs.

Basic characteristics of the service:

  • search according to the specific trademark,
  • average search report delivery time is within 15 days,
  • basic price: administrative fee 50 kn, coverage of charges 100 kn / 13,27 EUR1.

1 Fixed conversion rate 7,53450

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